Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate
Product Name: l-Glutamic acid, N-coco acyl derivs., monosodium salts
Synonyms: l-Glutamic acid, N-coco acyl derivs., monosodium salts; SODIUM COCOYL GLUTAMATE; L-Glutaminsure, N-Kokos-acylderivate, Mononatriumsalze
CAS: 68187-32-6
MW: 0
EINECS: 269-087-2
Product Categories: amino acid series

1. Physical properties
Appearance: white solid powder
2. Features and benefits
A mild amino acid surfactant with a very mild character that acts as a co-emulsifier to enhance specific skin feel.
3. Scope of application:
Apply to pure amino acid facial cleanser, cleansing cream, cleansing gel, bath salts and other care products.
4. Usage and dosage:
Recommended dosage: 5% -35%
5. Packaging and storage:
25KG / barrel, stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

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